Sunday, July 24, 2011

7-22: Never Forgive. Never Forget.

Anders Behring Breivik, a brutal terrorist, stole nearly 80 innocent Norwegian lives on July 22, 2011. 68 were murdered in his cowardly attack on a Labor Party youth retreat at Ut√łya, while another eight died from a terror bombing in downtown Oslo. Explaining why this massacre occurred is absolutely necessary, but USA’s capitalist-owned, mass media is failing at this critical task.

US media outlets immediately began reporting that Muslims carried out the attack. When they realized how foolish they looked by trying to peddle that lie, they then started claiming, ‘the shooter [no longer a “terrorist”] is a Nazi.’ However, Breivik is not a Nazi, he is a former member of Norway’s largest conservative political party, the “Progress Party.” He frequently posted online about how he equally hates “Muslims, Nazis, and Marxists” – revealing a strikingly “anti-totalitarian” ideology. Karl Popper or Hannah Arendt could have been pulling the trigger. Sounding like any old McCarthyist, he said, “all Marxists should have been imprisoned after WW2.”

While this blog strongly opposes Hitlerite ideology, we must expose the sinister lie claiming that Breivik is a Nazi. Why? Because the lie is simply a desperate attempt by the US/British capitalist press to deny the terrorist’s real ideology: Neoconservatism. Various capitalist press outlets have more recently been calling him “a Christian fundamentalist” or “an extreme right-winger.” While these descriptions seem accurate, they are also incomplete because they intentionally omit his radical Zionist beliefs.

His pathetic “manifesto” reveals that “defending Israel” is a central part of his worldview. On page 1153 he says, “Jews that support multiculturalism today are as much of a threat to Israel and Zionism (Israeli nationalism) as they are to us. So let us fight together with Israel, with our Zionist brothers against all anti-Zionists, against all cultural Marxists/multiculturalists.” A Neocon Weekly Standard article is republished in its entirety (pages 490-492), while Neocon David Horowitz’s FrontPage Magazine is quoted numerous times. In addition, his account specifically links to, and praises, the Neocon Daniel Pipes’ propaganda video titled, “Leftism and Islam. Muslims, the warriors Marxists have been praying for.” He also loves fellow Neocon Pamela Geller, who concocted the “Ground Zero Mosque” lie, and Neocon Robert Spencer’s “Jihad Watch”. Finally, he supports the “English Defence League”, a terribly misnamed, pro-Zionist hate group.

Before the shooting, Norway’s government had announced that it would end its participation in NATO’s criminal bombing of Libya on August 1. The Labor-led government also plans to recognize Palestinian statehood later this year. Obviously, this played a role in motivating the Muslim-hating fanatic to murder young members of Norway’s ruling, social-democratic party. The martyred youth held a “Boycott Israel” banner.

Breivik was also a capitalist business owner, which explains his class hatred for the working people that made him wealthy. One of Neoconservatism’s core objectives is the institution of extreme neo-liberal “austerity” attacks on workers. Therefore, no one should be surprised by his ideology.

Norway’s maximum prison sentence is only 21 years, which reveals why the terrorist did not take his own life. Neocons, being greedy, self-absorbed, hyper-individualists, are not known for suicide attacks. Bourgeois Breivik probably expects to retire atop a pile of loot in his mansion, after having pleasured himself by committing mass murder. Workers longing for justice know that if Norway had a Marxist-Leninist government, the morally decayed terrorist would be executed.

USA’s self-proclaimed “free and open” mass media will not report the simple, honest truth: the terrorist is a Neocon. If they did, they would have to admit that their own editorial pages, radio hosts, and TV commentators endlessly pump out the exact same type of hateful Neocon propaganda as the terrorist posted online. In addition, they would also have to explain that a bloody trail leads back across the Atlantic to Beltway think tanks. The world must never forgive or forget those truly responsible for creating the monster.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

March 19th, "A Date Which Will Live in Infamy"

Emergency statement by the Communist Party Discussion blog:

The world’s true freedom-loving people strongly condemn US/UK/French imperialism’s criminal aggression against Libya, which was launched today (March 19, 2011) on the eighth anniversary of the illegal invasion of Iraq. The timing is no coincidence. The bombings represent an imperialist message to the planet that “Nothing has changed!” since 2003. Arrogantly, Obama predicts that his new war will only take “days, not weeks” to conquer Libya.

The Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya is one of only a few Arab governments not controlled by US imperialism (along with Syria and Algeria, who also oppose this war). Therefore, this attempt to seize control of Libya and its oil is simply a continuation of Wall Street’s project for global domination. Their strategy involves controlling the world’s fossil fuels (critical for modern industrialized economies) by establishing an empire of overseas military bases, harbored by repressive client regimes. Western governments fund, organize, and now provide open military support to Libya's monarchist/al-Qaeda rebels, who seek to create another pro-US puppet regime. Anti-war leaders must organize against this latest war.

The “Arab League” regimes that voted a week ago for the “no-fly zone” are hated by their own people and have seen massive protests against them in the past two months. Meanwhile, those same regimes (Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Iraq, and Yemen) continue to slaughter peaceful protesters. As this message is being typed, Western planes and missiles murder innocent Libyan civilians. However, USA’s “human rights experts” are not concerned by those deaths, only Libya’s oil.

During the “UN Security Council” vote two days ago for a “no-fly zone resolution” (UNSCR 1973), Russia, China, India, Brazil, and Germany abstained. On the one hand, this shows that most of the world’s population (who live in these five countries) opposes NATO military aggression against Libya. On the other hand, it also reveals the submissiveness and subservience to the US by Russia’s current Medvedev government for failing to veto it.

The UN, headquartered near Wall Street in New York City, has proved itself once again to be controlled by US imperialism. The world’s progressive forces must recognize that the UN, at present, is fundamentally no different than the IMF, the World Bank, the “International Criminal Court,” or NATO – which are imperialist instruments. Internationally, protests should be held against not only the NATO-aggressor governments, but also the UN’s pro-imperialist leader, Ban Ki-moon. He obviously does not represent humanity.

In addition, any self-proclaimed “left-wing” organizations that do not fully denounce this Western aggression will simply be proving themselves to be imperialism’s minions. US progressive voters must remember this infamous day when they head to the polls in November, 2012: “Nobel Peace Prize” winner Barack Obama kills Libyan civilians while allowing Wisconsin’s fascist governor to practically ban unions! Finally, it goes without saying that anti-imperialists uphold Libya’s sovereign right to defend itself against foreign aggression.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

An Ode to US Imperialism's Current CEO, Barack Obama

Barry, Barry, quite contrary,
His handouts to the rich make oligarchs merry.
And for those on the left that are critical,
Spokesman Robert Gibbs denounces as being “professional.”

“ObamaCare” is just a terrible prank,
As insurance industry CEOs run laughingly back-and-forth to the bank.
Workers, now saddled with this individually-mandated scheme,
Must empty their pockets to fulfill a monopolist’s dream.

His cat food commission insists they’ll keep Social Security alive,
You just won’t be able to retire until you’re seventy-five!
The paltry benefits will awaken all to the magnitude of the plunder,
As you’re begging for alms, wishing you were six feet under.

While the capitalist economy continues to crumble,
Tax breaks are given to the wealthy whenever they grumble.
And as workers’ last decent-paying jobs are sent abroad,
Parties are held in the White House for millionaires whenever they prod.

A deregulation-induced oil spill polluted the Gulf’s azure sea,
Yet his policy approach to the disaster was laissez-faire, or ‘let it be.’
An oil-soaked pelican squawked, “Obama, help me!”
Only to hear the retort, “Can’t – I get campaign funding from BP!”

His supporters claim he’ll usher in a new era of peace,
As he frantically tries to extend his Iraq bases’ lease.
Meanwhile, Afghan and Pakistani civilians are butchered mercilessly,
By drone-operating killers in Langley.

When the Honduran coup crossed the proverbial Rubicon,
His fake “opposition” revealed him to be a machinating Neocon.
And don’t even ask him about Palestine,
He’d just say, “That land belongs to some friends of mine.”

In this heralded “land of the free,”
Airport security will fondle your genitals with perverted glee!
Civil-libertarians expected less post-9/11 oppression,
But the regime ransacks homes with renewed McCarthyist repression.

For the Constitution now has but one meaning,
To serve as lavatory paper to give his ass a good cleaning!
And as Sarah Palin’s theocratic hordes approach,
He offers them not a single, meaningful reproach.

A working class party is what this country is in need,
To drive those from power obsessed with greed.
And that’s as deep as this poem will delve,
Just remember: Don’t vote for that clown again in two thousand twelve.