Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Visit the Marxism-Leninism Today website!

Everyone seeking a better understanding of Marxism-Leninism and the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) should visit the excellent Marxism-Leninism Today website. The site contains news and analysis of events both in the US and around the world. Topics discussed include the capitalist economy's latest major crisis, US imperialism's endless machinations, and the current CPUSA leadership's party-liquidationist agenda.

Here is a selection of some of the site's most informative articles about the CPUSA's current leadership:

Reflections on Revisionism in the USA, by Edward A. Drummond.

From Revisionism to Party Liquidation, by Edward A. Drummond.

Wanted: A Fighting Communist Party, by Zoltan Zigedy.

Updated, as of 2010, to include links to more recent articles:

Impressions of the CPUSA Convention, by A Group of Delegates.

The Demise of an Old Friend, the PWW, by Zoltan Zigedy.

The Crisis of the CPUSA Part 1, by Edward A. Drummond.

The Crisis of the CPUSA Part 2, by Edward A. Drummond.

Another Dark Day in CPUSA History, by MLToday editors.

Updated, again, in 2012:

Irrelevance and Eventual Demise, by Zoltan Zigedy.

Decision Time for the CPUSA, by Edward A. Drummond.

Reply to Sam Webb's Essay, A Party of Socialism in the 21st Century: What Will It Look Like?, by L.A. Metro Club Los Angeles, CA.

Honor the CPUSA Constitution, Don't Ignore It, by Thomas Kenny.

International Criticism of Webb's "A Party of Socialism for the 21st Century", by the Communist Party of Greece, the Communist Party of Mexico, the German Communist Party, and the Communist Party of Canada.

The CPUSA's Present Political Line, "Unity against the Ultra Right," is Wrong and Harmful, by Edward A. Drummond.

Updated again in 2013:

Will The Real Communist Party Please Stand Up?, by James Thompson.

Sam Webb's Main Report

Announcement, by the Editorial Board.

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