Sunday, October 2, 2016

Obama’s Crowning Achievement: Restarting the ‘Cold War’

Obama is begging you to vote for Hillary Clinton. Any sign of reluctance to do so is met with slanderous accusations from the DNC. “You’re a Russian agent,” the frothy-mouthed Democratic Party operative barks at the Green Party supporter. As communists, we have witnessed this behavior before from Washington during the McCarthyist period when the US first launched a so-called ‘Cold War’ against the Soviet Union. The re-emergence of these attacks on domestic dissent run in parallel with Washington’s geopolitical aggression that has unleashed a new cold war.

Obama’s presidency could easily be described as George W. Bush on steroids. He escalated the Afghan War. Despite the 9/11 attacks, he used al-Queda as a proxy army against Libya and Syria’s secular governments. He launched an illegal war against Libya, placing terrorists in power in Tripoli. He would have also illegally attacked Syria in 2013 had it not been for Russian intervention – the deployment of 11 Russian warships off the Syrian coast. Russia also further countered Obama-led US aggression against Syria in late 2015 by building an airbase in Latakia province and conducting strikes on the terrorists. Thwarted in Syria, Obama has used the Saudis (who also fund al-Queda in Syria) to launch a proxy war against neighboring Yemen, which rose up and overthrew its US puppet regime in late 2014.

Obama not only launched illegal wars, he also organized coup d'états against independent governments. He orchestrated successful coups against Honduras, Moldova, Paraguay, the Ukraine, Brazil, and a spectacularly failed coup against Turkey. The Ukrainian coup caused parts of the southeast to rise up and secede. A bloody civil war began when the US-installed Kiev junta unsuccessfully tried overturning the results of Donetsk and Lugansk’s independence referendums with a surprise military attack. Only the Crimea was spared war, because it successfully voted to join the Russian Federation.

Russia and China have had enough of Washington’s bullying. All of the countries that Washington has attacked in the past 25 years had governments that were Russia’s friends (i.e. Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, and Syria) or had been in the recent past (as in Afghanistan until 1992). China knows that Washington is trying to militarily encircle it, just like Russia. China and Russia have responded to this US aggression by building a new strategic partnership to counter Washington’s drive for global domination.

A radical warmonger like Hillary, who started off her political life campaigning for Barry Goldwater (who wanted to launch a nuclear war against the USSR), could easily set the world ablaze. She has stated a desire to attack the Russian air force in Syria and the Chinese navy in the South China Sea. Either act of aggression could easily escalate into a nuclear war. She also voted for the illegal Iraq war and was the key architect of US aggression against Libya. In addition, her head-chopping “moderate rebels” have committed barbarous atrocities against the Syrian people, including rape, torture, brutal acts of murder, and the destruction of Syria’s ancient monuments. Unsurprisingly, the bloodthirsty Neocons are backing her, not Donald Trump.

In fact, almost every billionaire (besides Trump himself) is supporting Hillary. The entire bourgeois mass media has rolled out in her defense and endlessly run wild with Trump’s gaffes. For a Republican presidential candidate to be treated in such a negative manner is unprecedented. And there is a clear explanation why: Trump has stated that he does not want to start a nuclear war with Russia and has criticized Obama and Hillary’s use of al-Queda as a proxy army against Syria and Libya. The Neocons have been terribly offended by Trump’s foreign policy statements, not his immigration-related rhetoric.

Our responsibility as the true opposition is not, however, to campaign for Trump. Our duty is to do what we have always done, to support the third party movement. Let’s be very clear: a vote for Hillary is a vote for Wall Street and World War III. Any “leftists” that support her reveal themselves to be the worst type of traitors to everything that the US left used to stand for (anti-imperialism and socialism). And whether Hillary wins or loses, a left-opposition movement must be organized against her and the reactionary Democratic Party machine.

End note:

The Green Party will be on the ballot in 44 states and DC, while the Party for Socialism & Liberation and the Workers World Party will be on the ballot in eight and three states respectively. No one has any excuse to vote for Hillary Clinton. The blood of Hillary’s war crimes will forever be on the hands of all of her supporters.

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